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The architects of our world

Writing is magic.  

Writing transcends time and space, connecting minds and changing lives.

A single sentence read at the right moment in a person’s life can spark a thought that can quite literally change the world.  Action is the result of thought; reading is fuel for thought; and writers are the architects that make reading possible.

The For Love of Writers' Community

‘For Love of Writers’ is a special community of writers who live a life of passion for the written word. Writing is as diverse as humanity. Each person on this little blue planet has a unique voice waiting to be heard. For Love of Writers is an outlet for that voice. We exist for the singular purpose of providing a voice for the passionate writer. Let us hear your voice. Be heard.


Our Writing

Little Tobias and His Pokémon Egg

“To hasten the hatching of a Pokemon egg, you need to sing to it by heart and take good care of it like a delicate snowflake,” the book advised. Little Tobias took a deep breath, feeling the sting of tears in his eyes.

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