How managers can become leaders

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Nail the interview

How can you nail the interview and get the job? You may say, “It’s not as easy as it sounds”. You are not alone, as many fear interviews, and this is common at every level of management, especially for people who stay in the role for a long time and have not interviewed in many years.

Now, many businesses and corporations use the SAR (situation, action and result) interview format. I am sure you are familiar with it, it is a behavioral interview where you need to describe a situation, what action you took, and the final result. It is based on real-life scenarios that you need to come up with, and depending on the company, it can be anywhere from 5 to 10 scenarios.

Some things that helped me, for your consideration:

1) Be observant while you work, especially when you come across a good scenario, and jot it down so you do not forget it.

2) Set up a scenario book where you journal and have different types of scenarios.

3) Stay organized and update your scenario book often, for example, when you solved problems, or when you went above and beyond for a customer, you developed a team member, or learned a new skill.

4) Keep practicing, this will deter your fear of interviews and enable you to apply for a job when it is available.

The key is to make this task a priority for your development and calendar it into your everyday life.

Update your resume

Keep your resume updated. Ask your leader to help you, take a resume writing course, a friend or a reputable company to help you with updating it. Also, keep your resume in front of your scenario book and update your accomplishments as you received them, so that you stay current.

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Write your bio

It will also be helpful for you to write your biography as it is an interview question. When you are speaking with someone at a work function or networking event, you can highlight the benefits of your skills. You never know who you are speaking with and who you can impress. I landed a job like that at the beginning of my career, and I was recruited due to my interaction with someone from a different company.

Leading with empathy and inspiration

It is important to lead with empathy if you want to be successful in your role and get to the next level. I believe everyone is born with empathy, but some of us learn how to cultivate it as we grow up. either through natural tendencies or socialization. It is a soft skill that can be learned and there are plenty of resources available. It is simple to be kind to everyone, respect everyone’s opinion, be a good listener, treat everyone as a family member and keep smiling. Inspire them to be the best they can be, help them with their goals and their development, and do it with enthusiasm and with great positive energy.

Customer experience is your #1 priority

Keeping customer experience as a top priority lays the foundation of a great business practice. At the end of the day, you work for a corporation and need to produce revenues and earnings. If you are a manager and you are customer-facing, observe your daily operations and see how your team is helping your customers. Are they going above and beyond to provide customer service? As you observe your team and you come across a player that is less skilled, give them on the spot feedback and set up coaching sessions to enhance their skills. With daily observation, on the spot feedback and coaching, you can ensure the team is 100% committed to providing an excellent customer experience. The same applies if you are not customer-facing.

Bring high energy to work

It starts with you! You are a role model for your team members. You can inspire low energy employees by role modeling positive and high energy. Be ready for work on time, wear your smile, walk with great posture, have high, positive energy and be ready to work. Good Luck!

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